WhatRoute 2.4.1

WhatRoute is a network diagnostic utility designed for Apple Macintosh computers. Primarily it provides a Traceroute function, but can also perform Ping, Domain Name Service queries, Whois queries and monitor the traffic to and from your computer. The software also uses a Geo-Location service to provide a geographical view of the paths that packets from your computer take as they traverse the Internet.

  • A geo-location server is queried and the locations of the hosts discovered in a trace or seen active on the LAN, can be plotted on a low resolution map or viewed in high resolution on Google Earth
  • WhatRoute also provides network and port scanning, ping, whois, DNS, and LAN monitoring functions.
  • Find the ASN with which a network is registered and the networks with which it peers.
  • View network flows

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Download: WhatRoute 2.4.1

Old Versions:
WhatRoute 2.4.0
WhatRoute 2.3.5
WhatRoute 2.3.4
WhatRoute 2.3.3
WhatRoute 2.3.2
WhatRoute 2.3.1
WhatRoute 2.3.0

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