Quickfire 1.42.3

Quickfire is a video media player designed to meet the needs of film, video, animation and VFX artists.Its strong emphasis on organising and reviewing media, along with its unparralleled playback and notation features offer a simple to use yet powerful, free media player to help get your work done.

Colour correction – grade each movie independently
Drawing – draw directly onto videos
Text – easily add typed text to videos (think subtitles)
Notes – attach notes to each movie and easily save them as .csv or .rtf
Bookmarks – bookmark frames or regions of a video, then easily loop and jump between bookmarks
Viewer options – hard/soft masking, frame counter, timecode, variable frame rate, flip/flop, compare files and much more…
Playlists – easily organise and jump between movies in your playlist using cursor keys or clicking the list

Collections of playlists can be saved as a “Quickfire Session” (.qfs file) which includes all your drawings, colour corrections, bookmarks and notes – but NOT the media.

You can save as many session files as you like allowing you to organise work across projects, sequences, vendors,  etc…

Sessions can be loaded back into Quickfire by dropping them onto the interface – and can be shared with collaborators to send notes between people.

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Download: Quickfire 1.42.3

Old Versions:
Quickfire 1.40.5

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