Progressive Downloader 4.5.6

Progressive Downloader is a free download manager that supports multi-thread downloading and mirror search.  You get ’em as fast as possible using the whole breadth of the Internet connection.
Key Features:

  • Integration with all major browsers made easy as 1-2-3.
  • Built-in FTP/SFTP browser to control your remote resources.
  • Automatic search for the fastest servers available for the most popular downloads.
  • Use power of the application from AppScript or Automator.
  • Make your downloads running only during specified time window.
  • Use your Zevera account to Download from more than a hundred of file hosting services.

Link: Author

Download: Progressive Downloader 4.5.6

Old Versions:
Progressive Downloader 4.5.5
Progressive Downloader 4.5.4
Progressive Downloader 4.5.2
Progressive Downloader 4.5.1
Progressive Downloader 4.5

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