Overflow 3.1.0

Overflow allows you to quickly and easily launch applications, open documents, or access folders. Reduce clutter in your Dock by storing infrequently-used items in Overflow instead.  

Any item you see in the Finder can be added to the Overflow interface, making it accessible through a few simple mouse clicks or keystrokes.

  • Visual Organization: Create separate collections for your applications, project files, commonly-visited websites, games, often-needed folders, or anything else that makes sense for you.
  • Fully Customizable Layout: Rearrange items by clicking, holding the mouse down for a moment, then dragging the item to a new position or collection. Customize window color, as well as icon and text sizes!
  • Hot Key Shortcut: Instantly pop open the Overflow window from anywhere using a customizable keyboard shortcut.
  • Type-to-Search: With the Overflow window open, just type to instantly search for any app or file on your computer. Use type-to-search to find not just items you’ve added to Overflow, but any file on your computer! Filter items by collection to quickly find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Quicklook Previews: Overflow makes it easy to check the contents of files: just hit the space bar when hovering over an item to open a Quicklook preview.
  • Full URL Support: Drop URLs or web bookmarks from your web browser or the Finder into Overflow. Works great with Quicklook!
  • Keyboard Support: In addition to type-to-search, you can use the keyboard to control almost every aspect of Overflow.
  • Escape: Hide the Overflow window.
    -Arrow Keys: Select items, then launch them using the return key.
    -Command-up / down arrow: Move up or down through the collections list.
    -Command-number: Select a collection corresponding to the number pressed.
    -Spacebar: Open a Quicklook preview of the currently-selected item.
    -Option-Click: Opens an item without closing the Overflow window.
    -Command-Click: Reveal the clicked item in the Finder.
    -When searching, shortcuts are also available to launch items quickly without ever taking your hands off the keyboard.


Shareware $14.95

Free Download: Overflow 3.1.0

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