MacVim 8.2.2127

MacVim is a port of the text editor Vim to Mac OS X that is meant to look better and integrate more seamlessly with the Mac than the older Carbon port of Vim.

MacVim supports multiple windows with tabbed editing and a host of other features such as:

  • bindings to standard OS X keyboard shortcuts (⌘-Z, ⌘-V, ⌘-A, ⌘-G, etc.),
  • transparent backgrounds,
  • full-screen mode,
  • multibyte editing with OS X input methods and automatic font substitution,
  • ODB editor support,
  • and more…



Download: MacVim 8.2.2127

Old Versions:
MacVim 8.2.1719
MacVim 8.2.1456
MacVim 8.2.1424
MacVim 8.2.539
MacVim 8.1.2234
MacVim 8.1.2224

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