LaunchControl 1.51.2

LaunchControl is a fully-featured launchd GUI allowing you to create, manage and debug system- and user services on your Mac. With LaunchControl you see all services and their respective status at a glance. Invalid services are highlighted and a problem description is provided. You can enable or disable services with a single click. The same goes for loading, unloading and ad-hoc starting. A long list of jobs may be filtered by job name and/or various properties, helping you to find what you are looking for in an instant.

LaunchControl is not just another .plist editor. It provides a dedicated interface for every single launchd configuration key. The interface is adaptive. It displays only information that is relevant for the selected job.

While the default editing mode in LaunchControl supports all documented features of launchd, you may sometimes need to use unofficial features. Switch to ‘Expert Mode’ and you’re set. Both modes are fully synchronized. Changes in one editor will instantly show up in the other one.

LaunchControl performs exhaustive analysis of your job and chances are that it will find the problem in an instant and tell you how to fix it. It provides most of the functionality of the launchctl command line utility, everything you need to create, edit, remove or debug launch services and even includes a log viewer, so you don’t have to fire up Console.app and build custom queries.

Sometimes it is desirable to quickly load, unload, start or stop a job on demand without hunting it down in LaunchControl every time. QuickLaunch is a small menu extra living in your menu bar. It contains a list of selected jobs and their respective status. To add a job to this menu select it in LaunchControl and select Job>QuickLaunch from the menu. This menu item will be checked to indicate that the job has been added. Clicking it again will remove the job from the QuickLaunch menu again.

launchd currently supports some 36+ documented keys. LaunchControl makes it easy to discover them. Every key in the palette panel is annotated, so you don’t have to consult the man page. Search them by category, name or description. Once found, drag an item from the palette section to the configuration section to add this key.

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Free Download: LaunchControl 1.51.2

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