Image2icon 2.13

Image2icon is the easiest way to create your own mac icons and customize your folders and files.

  • Image to Icon Conversion – It’s easy as pie: drop an image to Image2icon, then drop a file or folder apply the icon.
  • Icon Templates – Unleash your creativity! Choose between 20+ Retina-ready templates and apply them with just one click. All the templates are available via in-app purchase.
  • Image Tuning – Zoom, move, rotate and change the background color of your icons to achieve the best final result.
  • Exports – Save your icon in 9 different formats (some formats require in-app purchase)
    • Free
      • ICNS
      • Folder
      • iOS – Every format needed for your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch App
      • Android – All the formats for your Android App and Play Store
      • Iconset / appIconset
      • Favicons – Multisize ico, different iOS formats, Android and IE10 Metro
    • Via in-app purchase
        • Windows ICO
        • JPG
        • PNG
  • Background Removal – Easily remove your picture’s background (in-app purchase)
  • Restore Icon – Restore your original icon with just a drag-and-drop
  • Batch Export – Drop a bunch of images and let Image2icon process them in a single shot
  • Icon Grabbing – Do you want to grab an application icon and use it in your projects? With Image2icon, it’s as easy as dropping the file in the window.



Download: Image2icon 2.13

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