FontAgent 9.6.2

FontAgent is a revolutionary release of the one of the world’s smartest font managers. The first thing you’ll notice is its all-new, stunning interface that features crisp font previews, simple controls, and powerful set management. Activate, deactivate, find fonts, change colors, customize text, and resize UI panes in seconds. It’s font management done right–your way.

  • Powerful New Font Viewers – Preview your fonts in your choice of text and colors using FontAgent’s redesigned Player, Compare and Glyph views. View font slide shows, waterfalls, paragraphs, comparisons and glyph sets. Drag character glyphs directly into your documents. Select the right font for every passage, heading and project.
  • Create a Centralized Font Library – Just drag your fonts into FontAgent to verify their integrity and add them to your centralized library along with 1350+ free Google fonts. As you import fonts, FontAgent keeps a full history of your new additions and archives your growing library to the Cloud for safekeeping.
  • Find Fonts Faster – Enter a search term and instantly find fonts whose names, properties, metadata or comments match it. Want to sharpen your focus? Use Smart Search to perform complex searches in seconds, and save them as Smart Sets that auto-update as you add fonts to your collection.
  • Instantly Share and Sync Fonts – Welcome to the future of font management: sharing and syncing fonts through the Cloud–no server license or administration required.
  • More Metadata than Ever – FontAgent 7 discovers more font metadata than ever. Select a font or set and view its properties and metadata in FontAgent’s right sidebar. View font names, formats, styles, metrics, filenames, locations, activation, ratings, comments–everything you need to know about your fonts.
  • Explore Your Fonts Using Table View – Use FontAgent’s Table View is a built-in spreadsheet that lets you quickly explore and compare font metadata. Click a table column to sort your currently selected fonts by their traits, foundries, sizes, file formats and version numbers. Activate and rate your fonts with a click.
  • Manage Subscription and System Fonts – Manage system fonts and subscription fonts from services like Adobe TypeKit and Monotype SkyFonts automatically. Preview and add them to sets–just like all your other fonts. With FontAgent’s open architecture, all your fonts are at your fingertips.
  • Simple, Efficient Font Activation – Click slide switches to activate and deactivate fonts and sets manually. Auto-activate fonts as you open documents in Adobe Creative Cloud and Suite apps–including InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and InCopy–as well as QuarkXpress, Microsoft Office and a world of other popular Mac apps.
  • Print and Export Your Fonts – Create hardcopy and PDF font samples for sharing with clients and co-workers. With a few clicks, produce waterfalls, paragraphs, logotype, character sets–whatever you want. Export fonts into organized folder hierarchies for archiving or sending to service bureaus.
  • Flexible Licensing Choices – Ready to revolutionize your creative workflow? Try the new FontAgent for 30 days–on your own or with your team. When you’re ready to purchase a license, choose between a cost-effective subscription or a traditional stand-alone license–whichever you prefer.


Shareware $99.00

Free Download: FontAgent 9.6.2

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