ExifRenamer 2.3.3

ExifRenamer is a tool for renaming digital photos, movie- and audio-clips of almost every camera vendor.

ExifRenamer is the perfect tool as auto-action for Apples ImageCapture – it can automatically rename the new downloaded pictures without a single mouse click!

The program allows to rename photos by their embedded date+time information in a much more usable way. Most downloaded pictures are named like “pic0001.jpg” or other cryptic names.

ExifRenamer reads the embedded date+time information and renames the picture to for example “2001-11-18_11-16-34.jpg” (YYYY-MM-DD_hh-mm-ss.jpg). This naming style lets you easily create a large photo library with the chance to sort your pictures in chronological order just by displaying it alphabetically sorted in the Finder.
This naming style is recommended as other naming styles mostly dont’t provide this advantage!

ExifRenamer supports both 12h(+AM/PM) and 24h time formats, allows to add a pre- and/or suffix to the filenames (for example “Hawaii 2001-11-18_11-16-34.jpg”) and also provides a solution for renaming multiple files with an identical embedded date+time information.

ExifRenamer features since version 2.0 a lot of new features like file preview, fully customizable naming styles, time difference correction, automatic destination folder creation, file deletion, applying a different file creator id, forwarding renamed files to another applications, sequence counters and much more!

The automatic destination folder creation is especially useful for users who do make a lot of pictures. Each time you connect your camera to you computer, a new folder (for example with the name 2002-11-21_0001) is generated and the files are renamed and moved to this folder. This way you have an additional organization in your pictures.

Supported file formats:

  • JPEG-Pictures (.JPG / .JPEG)
  • TIFF-Pictures (.TIFF / .TIF)
  • QuickTime-Videos (.MOV)
  • AVI-Videos (.AVI)
  • Soundfiles (.AIFF / .AIF / .WAV)
  • Minolta Raw Image (.MRW)
  • Nikon Raw Image (.NEF)
  • Canon Raw Image (.CRW – only together with .THM)
  • Canon Raw Image (.CR2)
  • Thumbnails (.THM)

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Download: ExifRenamer 2.3.3

Old versions:
ExifRenamer 2.3.2
ExifRenamer 2.3.1
ExifRenamer 2.3.0
ExifRenamer 2.2.3

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