Coollector Movie Database 4.17.2

Catalog your DVD collection. Inventory your movie files. Rate everything you watch and get personalized recommendations matching your tastes. Easily decide what to watch on TV, in theaters, on Netflix. Discover great movies and series that you would have missed otherwise.

  • Cataloging
    • Blu-ray, DVD, VHS:
      • manage your collection with all the technical details
      • packs of movies are broken down into individual movies
      • track what is stored where, and what you’ve loaned to whom
      • price information from Amazon US, CA, UK, DE, FR, ES, IT
      • search by barcode
    • Video files on your hard disk:
      • disk scanning recognizes the files automatically and super fast
      • the “play” button launches the file with your favorite media player
  • Discovery and Recommendations
    • includes an encyclopedia of more than 150,000 movies and series
    • can be used offline
    • complete movie casts, complete person filmographies
    • movie posters, video covers, person pictures, character screenshots
    • title search, filtered search with more than 20 filters
    • very accurate rating system to rate every show that you’ve seen
    • rate series episodes or seasons to remember where you’ve stopped
    • outstanding predictions and recommendations (best-of-class system)
    • IMDb rating and popularity, direct link to the IMDb page
    • link to Youtube trailers
    • add movies to your wish list
  • Netflix and Hulu streaming services
    • explore their catalogs to evaluate if they’re worth subscribing
    • when subscribed, click a video to play within your favorite browser
  • Other
    • create lists by tagging the movies/persons with any words you want
    • write personal notes and movie reviews
    • publish your lists online to view on your smartphone
    • skinnable interface, adjustable grid layout
    • choice between dual-pane or single-pane modes
    • automatic local backups, optional online backups
    • import data from other programs

Coollector Movie Database is a FREE software. No crippled feature or time limit. There’s only a 30 seconds window on startup that you can remove by becoming a contributor.


Free Download: Coollector Movie Database 4.17.2

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