Capo 4.1

Capo uses a blend of advanced signal processing and machine learning to help you learn songs by ear. Its powerful, simple-to-use tools allow you to dig deep into the details of a recording so you can learn to play songs more accurately, and in less time.

  • Hear notes more clearly: Slow it down, solo instruments, and listen to quickly-played notes frozen in time.
  • Start playing songs faster: Automatically detected chords and beats give you a massive head start on learning new tracks.
  • Pick up where you left off: Capo’s Projects store the changes you make to chords, looping regions, and even the playhead location for when you return.
  • Tab It Out, Hear Each Note: Use your mouse to draw notes inside the spectrogram. As you click and highlight each note, hear it played back as tablature is generated automatically for you—no need to keep a notepad at hand to transcribe solos.



Download: Capo 4.1

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